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Native American Style Flute, Walnut & Maple, mid F# $340.00

Native American style of flute tuned to the key of mid F#. Flute body made of Walnut with curly maple and blackwood end caps. Horse fetish carved from curly maple. Length 23 inches.

Included is a how-to manual with music, cloth protective bag, and a lifetime guarantee against any material or craftsmanship defects. Also, the purchaser can return the flute within 10 days for a full refund, except for the shipping cost of the return, if not fully satisfied.

Listen to a sample of this flute here: and click on "flute 68.mp3"

Note: I am not a member of a federally recognized Native American tribe. As such, I cannot claim these flutes as Native American Made™. My flutes are made in the tradition of and inspired by the Native American flute.

Native American Style Flute, Walnut & Maple, mid F#